Thursday, August 18, 2011

Character Interview: Jem Stonehouse -- Darkness and Light by J.A. Belfield

As I promised earlier this week, we have a special guest on the blog today. I managed to fenagle a visit from Jem Stonehouse -- one of the illustrious main characters from J.A. Belfield's new novel, Darkness and Light and I am quite excited about it. *wiggles*

So without further ado, please welcome Jem Stonehouse to the blog.

First off, Jem, how are you adjusting to pack life? All happy and blissful?

Adjusting to living with the pack was made easy by them, and yeah I’m happy. As happy as I’ve ever been. But blissful? You forget I have to live with Ethan.

*laughing*  Fair enough. Let’s dive right in with the questions then, shall we?


When did you first realize that there may be something quite different about you? Was that before or after the dreams started?

Define different. You mean, like dreaming about werewolves chasing me from the age of seven? I’d always dreamed of them, they just didn’t resonate with me until Sean’s presence showed up.

Though the sniffing issue being a problem for others’ did tip me off that that wasn’t quite normal.

*chuckling* After Peter’s first “attack” on you, why didn’t you leave him? What prompted you to stay and stick it out?

Commitment and loyalty are important to me. It would have been hypocritical of me if I didn’t practice them myself.

What did you think the first moment you saw Sean in the diner? Was there a feeling of the familiar?

The instant I laid eyes on him, some bizarre tingle hit the back of my skull. Although it was the most … weird situation, the sense of déjà vu was too powerful for me to disbelieve him when he said he was Sean. Besides, no one else could have known that name would trigger a reaction, besides me, Poppy and Jess.

If you had only one word to describe Sean, what would it be? What about Ethan (who happens to be my my personal favorite)?

Sean … um … one word? Seriously? Then, I guess it would have to be … elixir.

Ethan, on the other hand … I’d have to peg him as mighty. As in mighty strong … mighty mouth … you get the picture.

How do you feel about Josh’s apparent crush on you? Does it bother Sean?

Josh has a crush on me? Where on earth did you get that idea? Of course he doesn’t—I’m way too old for him.

Have you really accepted Nathan’s “fairy tale” at this point or is it still sinking in?

There’s still some part of my subconscious that pauses and asks: is this all real? Is this all possible? Because I’m really not all that special. I’m just me.

What is next for the pack? Any big plans? Wedding bells perhaps, or maybe a pup? Would it be considered a pup or is that being rude?

Goodness me, it’s a little early to be thinking about bambinos. And as for wedding plans? I’d have to be proposed to first. And who knows what goes on inside Sean’s mind?

If you have to pick one trait of Sean’s that you love the most, what would it be? The one you like the least?

His protectiveness is his trait I love the most, whilst his possessiveness is the trait I like the least, which results in a real pickle because I doubt Sean could ever provide one without the other—to him, they’re probably both seen as the same thing: an incessant need to keep his mate safe.

What is your favorite part about being a werewolf? (Besides Sean)

Cue sigh here.

The total and utter feeling of freedom. The power in my limbs. The connection with nature that comes as standard. The way every instinct instills itself in my brain as though they were just waiting for the command to arrive from dormancy. The equality and unity amongst the pack.

Need I go on?

What part of the werewolf life has been the hardest to adjust to?

Oh … I don’t know. That’s a tough one. I guess I’d have to say the changes—because although the hunt awaits me on the other side, I still have to go through hell first to get there.

What’s your favorite color? Sean’s favorite color?

Chocolate brown is mine. And you’d only have to take a look around Sean’s bedroom to figure out he has a fondness for sapphire blue.

If you were a tree, which would you be and why?

I’d like to say oak because of its regal-ness and the way they mature and have such ownership of pride with age. But I’m probably more of a silver birch—put me amongst all the others in the forest and I stick out like a sore thumb.

Any regrets about your decision to join the pack (or Sean)?

None! Whatsoever! How could have I have when I feel as though I’ve finally come home?

I am sure there are lots of ladies out there interested in finding their own “Sean”. Any advise you can give the readers with respect to finding their soul mates?

Quit looking for him. He’ll find you just as soon as the time’s right. After all, fate refuses to be manipulated—surely you know that?

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J.A Belfield's debut novel, Darkness and Light (J. Taylor Publishing 2011) is available in print and ebook from both Barnes and Noble and For more from the Halloway pack, check out Instinct and Fated Encounter -- two new novellas by J. A. Belfield (Coming soon. Also from J. Taylor Publishing)


  1. Thank you for the invite to your blog, Rebecca. I shall send Jem over if anyone pops in to comment. :o)

  2. Great questions and answers! When's Ethan going to happen upon his girl or should we all just go ahead and ask him out?

  3. Ethan? Happen upon a girl? ::snort:: He'd have to get over himself first, lol.

    Thanks for commenting, Aimee.


  4. oooo! Thanks for hosting, Rebecca, and thanks for stopping by, Jem, to give us a little more insight into yourself :) I tried, but couldn't resist clicking on the link, even though I'm not finished with the book. I'm looking forward to getting to the scene where you meet Sean for the first time. ^_^


  5. Yeah, well, if someone whoed me a link and I thought I wasn't supposed to click it, it would only make me want to more, hehehe.
    Thanks for stopping by, Kelly. The day I met Sean was a particular favourite of mine.


  6. Stella already called dibs on Ethan, sorry, Aimee. :) Great interview, Rebecca. And for those who haven't read Darkness & Light, what the hell are you waiting for? :)

  7. Thanks, Joce.

    Yeah, I read Ethan's interview on Stella's blog. We still haven't let him live it down.


  8. I may have to fight Stella for him. Love me the brooding ones.