Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: Enslaved

Just a small teaser from the erotic short I just completed earlier this week. Hoping to have it subbed out in the next day or so. No worries, the excerpt is completely G rated :)

A small upright canister vacuum hummed into the room. It circled and veered in their direction laden with a tray of brie and fruit. The mechanical waiter jerked to a halt before Marley, scattering a few loose grapes at her feet.

Her eyes widened.

“Not hungry?” the professor asked.

A chuckle burst past her lips. She reached a tentative hand forward and took a strawberry from the tray. “How cute is that? It looks like a miniature version of R2D2. Did you build it?”

“Yes. Milo was my first robot, actually. He’s been with me almost twenty years.”

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