Monday, August 15, 2011

Manic Monday: The Return of the List

Summer is quickly coming to a close, and with that, comes the new school year--and a whole new brand of mommy busy. Monday is the beginning of a new week, and a chance to get better on setting goals and sticking with them.

So... A lot of personal irons in the fire.

1. Still working on Ellie and Daniel's Tale, as well as Machenwood. I would really like to get focused on these--if the muse would cooperate--so I have something to start serious querying with. Both are suitable stories for publication - one fantasy, one more fantastical  (paranormal?) romance.
2. Currently writing an erotic short with the hopes of an anthology submission in the next week, at most. This is justly occupying the lion's share of writing time.
3. Have about four short story submissions out, so I am forever hovering over my email in the hope of a gem of good news from those.
4. Back to school shopping for two daughters. (I don't even want to talk about it.)
5. Gearing up for a Labor Day Weekend Halloween celebration at our seasonal campsite. Halloween comes early in my world, making it even harder to find appropriate costumes and decor. Not to mention actual time, were I inclined to actually make the costumes.

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