Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Morning Check-in

Welp -- Monday came and went with no check in post from me this week.  The picture to the left illustrates what my week has been like.

Because I promised myself I would stick to this. Here is my TO DO List for this week:

1. Still waiting on replies for submissions already out. Waiting on replies from Boulevard Magazine (still) and have also subbed pieces to Pulp Empire's Pirates anthology and some shorts to Vestal Magazine and Short Story America.

2. Work on Machenwood - This one is serious for me this week. I have pushed aside some muse tickles for other stories. I WILL finish this one. It is now the front burner piece.

3. Continue social networking efforts. - This is just an ongoing process. So far, so good. Up to 75 followers on twitter and my blog follow list is growing in slow increments.

4. Catch up on critiques and reading lists on Scribophile and Writer's Digest. With work being such a bear this week, with training a new hire and all that, I have fallen behind on this particular activity.

5. This weekend I will be looking at travel trailers as I need to pick one up for this summer. I managed to get a seasonal campsite at one of the local campgrounds, so will hopefully spend a good amount of time this summer enjoying the outdoors with the family.

All this is in addition to the usual stuff, like laundry, cleaning up after my daughters, and the always present mom-taxi duties.

Most of the others in my writing circles are also parents-- maybe not single ones, but still -- busy to be sure. Yet we manage to juggle work, family, and writing, (some I know are even tackling the debut of first novels)- not to mention keeping up with each other and critiquing their work when possible. How do we do it all and remain sane? (wait...was I sane before?)

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  1. That's a mad amount of work, Rebecca, but I'm really pleased to see Machenwood back on your list of things to do. I've been waiting for the next installment for a while now :-)