Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Morning Check-In

Here we are at yet another Monday. It is amazing to me how quickly the week goes by sometimes.

This is my To Do list for this week:

1. Still waiting to hear from Boulevard magazine. Duotrope says I should be hearing in the next week or so -- at least based on the average response time. Man, I hope so. I feel like they have had it forever.

2. Posted the final version of Ellie's tale to my crit group. So once the feedback comes in, I will be subbing that out for the anthology call for submissions and crossing my fingers.

3. Machenwood. With the short story basically complete, it is time for Ana and Ric to get some attention.

4. Take a look at Duotrope for upcoming themes that I find interesting.

5. Continue working on social networking.

6. Subbed my flash piece - "Leaving Eric" out -- (to Pedestal magazine's Husband and Wives issue) so I have another pub to wait for a reply from.

Not a bad list this week. It looks like I may actually accomplish some of these writing goals. One foot in front of the other.

On a side note -- WELCOME BACK SPRING!!

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