Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Morning Check-In

This looks like me at the office (just so you know)
Welp, here we are at week #2 of my track your own progress and follow your TO DO list efforts.

This is what we have on the burners for this wonderful week.

1. Still waiting to hear back from Boulevard magazine. (2 months and counting). This particular magazine is listed on the Most Challenging Fiction Markets -- but I didn't think they meant the surviving the wait part of the process - heh.

2. Finish the first Draft of The Call of The Sea:Ellie's Tale -- I managed to get part 2 down this past week, so it is on to the climax section. (my favorite part)  I have to have the draft done so I can get to the editing before the submit deadline (which is 4/15/11)

3. Continuing efforts to stay connected via social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc) While I am still new at much of this, things are moving ahead slowly. I have some new blog followers and actually have managed about 30 followers on twitter this week. Baby steps :)

4. Get back to work on Machenwood -- This is the big one for me this week. Ana, my MC, is just starting to whisper in my ear again, so I am really hoping to get myself past Chapter 18 this week.

5. Read On Writing, by Stephen King

Looks like another busy week.  Happy writing, everyone!


  1. Yeah for the Ana whispers--need some more Machenwood. :)

  2. Yeah, good luck on #3. It's an all-consuming monster that wants to squash my piggie toe like a semi's wheel.
    Ugh. Can we say, overwhelmed???

  3. Trick#1 for #3: Tie them together. I have it set now so when I post a blog post it shows on facebook and twitter without me doing a thing.
    If I post on twitter, it shows up on facebook and my blog twitter stream. Then I look like I am everywhere and I really just added a blog post :) It takes a little work to do it all, but once it is set up, it makes things ALOT easier.

  4. You won't be disappointed when you read On Writing. Stephen King is a natural story teller. He has a wicked sense of humor, too.

    Try the writing prompt. If you join his forum and post 10 comments, you'll be able to join a group that's dedicated to that.

  5. That #5 will be the easy one ... and a great one to check off! ;) It's really good!

  6. Heeeelllo... where's #2 on your list? I'm waiting. :p

  7. Hehe Kastil - I wanted to finish last night but it was the hunny-boo's Bday. So I had to pay attention to the man - Hoping tonight is finish night :)

  8. I hear you on #1. Waiting sucks. I still have 4 stories I'm waiting to hear back on, and even with my distractions, I'm still checking duotrope every day to look at the dates. :)
    And I agree with Kastil and Ms. Belfield. Get on #'s 2 and 4!!!! Don't make me crack that whip! :D