Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning Check-In

I have decided to start to track my writing progress and journey toward publication in a series of these weekly posts. My thought is that by documenting my journey, I will not only remain organized, another writer may learn from it, and maybe avoid some of the pitfalls I am bound to come across. (I am intimately acquainted with Mr Murphy, so this is not outside the realm of possibility) I will try to share the ups and the downs, as well as share any information I come across that I feel might be useful to anyone following this blog.

This week's To DO List:

1. Complete the 1st draft of Pirate and Selkie short story.
While I think at this point I probably have enough story here to fill a novel length work, I am reluctant to do so since I specifically started the short to submit for an upcoming publication. Do I hold it and work it into a novel, knowing I still have Machenwood on my plate, and last years NANO novel to complete?
2. Clear my critique list on Scribophile.
I am in fairly good shape on this one, as I only have about five in my list to get to this week.
3. Pray I hear back on my submission to Boulevard magazine.
I sent them my Parades flash piece about two months ago, and I anxious to hear back one way or another so I can at least look at other potential publishing avenues for this story.
4. Continue  social networking efforts.
I have managed to set up a website, goodreads account, a twitter account and managed (I think) to tie all those pieces together and link them all to facebook as well. If I have taken one lesson from the various sites and blogs I follow, it is that you have to get your name out there. There needs to be a place for people to find you in the web world to really make a go of this sort of career. Self promotion and marketing are as key as writing a piece of classic fiction.

Not a bad list for one week, I guess. Let's see if my full time job and lovely daughters decide to work with me this week. Oh, and if you see Mr Murphy, don't tell him where I am.


  1. Good for you, Rebecca. By getting a lot of these site accounts set up early, you'll save yourself a tonne of work later on down the line :)

  2. I just made up a similar list for myself last night!!! Good for you!
    Keeping track of everything & tying it together I'm struggling with. I have a facebook site, but it's very personal & all family & close friends. Did you set up one specifically for your writing life? As for twitter - ????? I signed up once & was bored within a few days. I just don't get it. Maybe if I followed a few I might get the hang of it. Is twitter necessary for self-promotion??? I'm struggling to keep up the few sites I DO have!

  3. With FB -- Yes I created a separate auhtor page and added my blog through their NETWORKED BLOGS app -- You pick a few to follow and then when you post to yours it auto posts to FB and twitter too.
    Twitter is a new one on me, but so far I have been able to grab a few links and contests from fellow writers I follow that have provided some really good information and writing resources. Think of twitter like a FB status update -- sorta kinda. I dont know if twitter is necessary at this point, but with the growth of it, I think it is a good idea to at least have a foot in the water.

  4. You are so organised, Rebecca. I might have to follow your lead and make a weekly 'things to do' list.
    Don't forget to add 'find Ana' to your list next week :-) I’m still waiting on chapter 19. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

  5. @Emmma -- I think I might do that. Maybe she will have some sympathy for me.

    As far as organized - if I didnt do this stuff I never ever would be. And even this doesnt help as much as you would think - LOL