Monday, October 18, 2010

Mommy? Is there a Santa Claus

I am not sure how many of you out there are parents, but that wonderfully hectic time of year fast approaching.  This year, we spoke to the girls about the possibility of having a "toned down" Christmas in favor of saving some money and taking a family vacation to Arizona in February. 

My sixteen year old daughter, well aware of the truths of Santa, readily agreed.  My ten year old, however, had questions. 

It wasn't until I heard the questions that I began to understand the workings of her young mind.

Shelby: First let me ask, is there really a Santa?
Mom: What does that have to do with anything?

Shelby: If there really isnt a Santa, and you say were going to have a smaller Christmas, than that means we wont get too many presents.  If there is a Santa, even if you tell us it will be a smaller Christmas, Santa will still bring what he usually brings, so it will be the same as always.

How does one argue with that logic?

Mom: Ok... Shelby, you got me.  There is a Santa, but he only brings kids one gift.  The rest are from moms and dads.  So you will still get one, but the others you would normally get, wont be as big -- so you would get less under the tree, but we would take a nice trip in February.

Shelby: Then how come we get lots of presents under the tree that say from Santa, and only one or two from you?

Damn, got me again...

Mom: Well, moms and dads put Santa's name on the other cards because you are always so happy when you see lots of Santa gifts

Shelby: Isn't that the same as lying?

Mom: No, not exactly.  You asked if there was a Santa, not if he brought all those gifts.  So technically, mommy hasn't lied to you.

Shelby:  Ok, I guess Arizona would be fun, then.

I guess my question here is: When the heck did children get so dang smart and world wise?  Is it just mine?  Or are all ten year olds this savy these days? 

Man I feel old :P

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