Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer is Here and Life is Busy!

As usual, when the weather changes for the better, my schedule seems to fill up faster than the Walmart parking lot on a Rollback day.  Picnics, camping, softball games, practices, birthdays, etc.  I love and hate it all at the same time.  It definately makes it a requirement to schedule in my writing time.

The Machenwood story is progressing fairly well and I am up to Chapter 6 now.  Still haven't reached a point where I feel I can incorporate the notes I already have, but maybe that is a good thing -- since it means I will have that much more to add to the story as I go. 

I found a great site for getting feedback and critiques.  I would suggest it to anyone that wants to get a readers perspective on their stories or chapters.

The site is  -- I posted the first two chapters for feedback and got 12 critiques during the week that my story was in the queue.  Alot of great suggestions and edits that I missed.  It has been absolutely invaluable to me.  It gives me a chance to get a real feel for the readers reactions and also allows me to read and critique other writers work -- a great way to see different writing styles and learn from each other.

I am lovin' it!


  1. Thanks. Your description of life makes me feel glad to be single and without kids.

  2. LMAO :) What - you don't like Rollback day at Walmart?

  3. Hey, Rebecca, I can relate. Life is very hectic in the summer--guess that's why I like autumn so much. Think I'm gonna try out that website tho, if I can find time. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I'm also on the website that you are on for writers. I've been on there for a while now. It is hard to find time for writing.

  5. Oh wow, and here I thought the school days were hard for parents! lol

  6. School days are the nice relaxed ones - it is when they have nothing to do that the real fun begins!!

    As far as finding time to write, I just wait until bedtime. Unfortunately, once school is out - bedtime moves back an hour :/