Monday, June 14, 2010

The Dragon and the Raven

Just a little something... not sure yet where it will end up.

Ghostly clouds of the unknown swirled behind exotic, yet blank emerald eyes. The curtain of true sight slipped open. Pictures floated, still blurry to her mind's eye, then grew clearer, closer, begging to be known and understood. Shelby was familiar with this sensation. She took a deep breath and let it wash over her, her shoulders relaxing as she closed her eyes. Only with her eyes shut tight, could she truly see. The darkness began to ebb, the tendrils of smoke retreating to give her a better view.

A man approached her from the gloom. He was tall, well built, his carriage was arrogant and self-assured. He strode silently closer, almost stalking her. His face became clearer as he neared, but he was unfamiliar to her, a stranger. His features were set in stone, unyielding. The man was handsome, even with his too strong chin and hawk-like nose. Clear blue eyes bore into hers, burning into her memory, freezing her where she stood. She was powerless, but strangely unafraid. He wanted something of her. She sensed it in him. What it was, however, she couldn’t determine--wasn’t meant to know. He stopped then, the space between them so small that he towered over her petite frame.

"Who are you?" she croaked, amazed that she was able to speak at all.

Shelby had to tilt her head back in order to meet his gaze. Their glances locked for a breath of time, sending a wave of strange anticipation thru her limbs. His searing look paralyzed more than her body. Her mind too, seemed numb, trapped in a thick mud of confusion. She should have known not to bother asking such a silly and simple question. They never answered, no matter how much she wanted them to.

Proving her point, without speaking a single word he moved closer still, closing off the air between them, the heat of his body mixing with hers. He lowered his dark head toward her and Shelby abruptly realized his intent. Too late. His lips brushed hers softly, his power unmistakable. The man’s scent swirled over her senses, musky and masculine. She felt herself leaning easily into his embrace. Her mind now gone, only sensation and touch remained. He drew her against his hard body and his lips fused with hers.

Shelby clung to him weak with unsettling emotions, responding instinctively to his demanding exploration of her mouth. She trembled as he pulled her even tighter to him. A longing she didn't understand began to bloom, swirling up from her toes and igniting her stomach with churning fire, like the scalding heat of a sleeping volcano about to spill forth its inner strength.

She shivered then, the kiss was over and she couldn't breathe. Her eyes opened languidly as her body shuddered from the suddenly cold air that now separated them. It took her a moment to realize he was gone.

All that stood before her now was a small fire. Realizing how chilled she was without his heat she moved closer to the flickering warmth. Confused eyes stared into the flames as they licked hungrily at the dry wood. She tried fervently to collect her thoughts as she watched the fire. It began to grow and transform as she looked on.

It took on a life of its own, changing shape until Shelby could finally see the form of a fierce dark dragon with menacing black eyes entwined within the orange flames. She was unable to suppress the terror that overwhelmed her. The power of the emotions and stark terror shook her to the core. She closed her eyes tightly then, wishing the visage away. When she cautiously opened her eyes once more the dragon was gone. The fire was once again, a simple source of light and warmth.

The dark clouds once more swirled in around her, closing, chocking off her vision until things were once again black and obscured within her mind. She slowly opened her eyes, blinking as they adjusted to the light of the room. She looked about and smiled softly, she was back. She was safe. The vision was over.


  1. Slightly odd. I don't understand how Shelby is suddenly attracted to the man, since she doesn't even know him.

  2. :P Neither does she - but I think of these visions of hers as almost an out of body experience.