Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nanowrimo 2010 Draws to a Close

As the hectic month of writing frenzy comes to an end, I find myself perplexed by the prospect of reading the 50k words I just wrote.  I have never before just typed furiously with no thought to looking back or editing it while I write.  It's not that I believe that what I wrote is total crap, it is more a concern over the amount of time and work I put in vs how much I will actually end up keeping.  I guess no matter how you slice it, words on the page are words on the page, and a damn sight better than where I was at the beginning of November.

And now I undestand why December is Nanoedmo - (National Novel Editing Month).  Im not even sure if that is a real thing, but I saw it on a blog I follow today and it seemed so appropriate.  That is what my December is looking like.

That in addition to catching up on my crit circles and all the posted works I didnt take the time to read in November, and creating shorts for two contests with the same deadline for the end of December. 

Then, of course, that is that little holiday they call Christmas.

But, Im sure my kids will understand when I tell them Santa took a sabatical to edit the Great American Novel. Right? :P

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