Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Waiting Game

As I have only just started trying to send out some of my work for possible publication, this process it new to me.  I am not, as a rule, the most patient of people.  I have three works out now waiting for acceptance or rejection (my babies...).

I sent one to ARCT magazine, but have learned they are now on semi-permanent hiatus.  No further works would be read, and all right for previously selected pieces have been reverted to the author as the magazine is closing.  Bummer, but at least I know.

The second one was submitted to FlashMe Magazine for their SFH issue (Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror).  Originally, authors would have been notified by email in October, but they have extended the deadline and pushed back the publication date, as this will be there last issue before a 5 year hiatus. Slush should be read by the 15th of November and final voting on held submissions complete by tomorrow Nov. 19th. They hope to have all authors notified by Thanksgiving.  No news is good news, right?  I hope so as that one is a paying market.

The final short I have submitted was to Everyday Fiction ( and that story is in Process.

I find myself checking email and the site for the two still pending submissions everyday, and my hopes rise for them the longer it takes.  What scares me a bit, is the higher my hopes get, the harder they will crash to Earth when a rejection comes rather than an acceptance.

For those of you who have submitted work, how do you pass the time waiting for replies?  Are you like me, checking constantly, or the laid back - it will come when it comes type?  How do you keep your sanity without biting off all your nails.

Inquiring minds want to know.

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