Monday, April 26, 2010

Six Months of Mondays...

Ok, so it turns out that I do not like Mondays.  Last week, I took Monday off to deal with some issues revolving around my children.  Not a biggie, I am a state worker so have plenty of time saved up to use.  However, when I arrived on Tuesday my boss made mention of the fact that a large majority of the days that I take off are Mondays.  He even joked that I should just work a shorter week and skip the whole Monday thing all together.

I have a good relationship with my boss, but I took this as one of those "Im not really taking you to task for this, but I am aware so you should be to" sort of comments.  In response I vowed that I would be in on Mondays for the next six months.

What did I get myself into?  Six months is a very long time.  That would be a total of about 24 Mondays, give or take.  Twenty four where did the weekend go and why am I here days.  Torture right?

Well I am here and it is Monday.  Two down and about 23 or so to go.  Wish me luck!!

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